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  • We Research, Prepare, and File Your Small Claim Case in Small Claims Court.
  • Complete Case Preparation, handle your small claim suit online, and get resolution faster.
  • Serving the defendants using the process server (Optional)
  • Case & Court Venue Research, we handle your small claims suite online and get resolution fast.

Small Claims Online $89.95

File Small Claims Online is faster, more cost-effective and easier.

Small Claim Filing Company is a professional online small claim filing firm that helps you file all types of small claims in court

Recent Small Claims and Demand Letter Cases

Demand Letter (01-03-2024)

Bruce ***** Quartzsite, Arizona
Concord Auto Protect King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Case Type:
Breach of Contract Non-Compliance

Demand Letter (01-23-2024)

Elizabeth ****** San Tan Valley, Arizona
Kent ******* Fort Mohave, Arizona
Case Type:
Fraud Misrepresentation

Small Claim (02-18-2024)

Judith **** Pinellas Park, Floraida
Glen ********* St. Petersburg, Floraida
Case Type:
Vehicle Accident Negligent Driving

Small Claim (03-10-2024)

Marty ******** Temple City, California
Southern California Edison (DBA) Rosemead, California
Case Type:
Property Damages Attribution of Liability
about-smallclaimsfiling United State
about-smallclaimsfiling United State

Gather all relevant documents and evidence, such as contracts, receipts, and correspondence, to support your case effectively..

Thousands Have Trusted Small Claim Filing Company With Their Legal Issues!

  • Small Claims Court is a specialized court for resolving disputes involving small amounts of money.
  • It offers a quicker and less formal process compared to regular civil court..
  • Individuals and small businesses can represent themselves without the need for an attorney.

Small Claims Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction that hear civil cases between private litigants. Small Claims Court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively (a forum designed to hear cases without the presence of a professional). Small Claims rules are simple and informal (no language requirements are needed). The person that is suing is known as the plaintiff. The person being sued is called the defendant.Small Claims Filing allows for the initial filing of Small Claims Cases Online. Once your filing is reviewed, fees are paid, and your electronic documents are accepted by the Court, your claim will be filed with the appropriate courthouse as if you had filed in person.

How Online Small Claims Filing Works In United State

Here is a very simple Three-Step process from filing your small claims to get the proven result.

step 1 United State
Step 1 United State

The first step to file your small claims is to confirm your email address. We will send you a confirmation email. Follow the email and fill up the important questionnaire form to file your Small Claims in Court. Simply answer a questionnaire, and your documents will be prepared within 24 hours. Fill out a simple, secure small claims questionnaire and Small Claims Filing handles all the work.

Step 2 United State
Step 2 United State

Small Claims Filing Research case, find correct court jurisdiction,File Your Case and SERVE the defendant.

step 3 United State
Step 3 United State

Once your case has been filed into Small Claims Court and we will mail your court materials

Small Claims Court Process

  • Small Claims Filing Completes Case Management (managing case filing & serving from start to finish).
  • Researching your case (court venue, corporate agents, licenses, defendant location)
  • Real Paralegals & Associates working on your Small Claims Case.
  • Your Small Claims Case is processed within 24 hours to the court.
  • FILING your Small Claims Complaint with the correct courthouse.
  • SERVING your defendant(s) & filing the Proof of Service. (Included)
  • Notifying you of your trial date by email and mail

small-claims-court-process United State

advantages-of-filing-small-claims United State

Advantages of Filing Small Claims Court With Small Claim Filing Company

  • Future Motion Support (date reset, subpoena, dismissals, etc.).
  • End Up Costing You Nothing! (all fees are added to your case against the defendant).
  • Your case is reviewed by a paralegal for accuracy.
  • No Membership Fees - No Percentage from your winnings.
  • We do all the legwork - you simply appear for trial.


Frequently Asked Questions About Small Claims Filing in United State


What is the filing fee for small claims court?

The filing fee for small claims court varies by state, but it typically ranges from $30 to $150, depending on the amount of the claim.

How do you make a small claims court filing?

To file in small claims court, complete the required forms, pay the filing fee, and provide documentation supporting your claim. Attend the hearing.

How soon do you need to appear at small claims court after filing a small claim?

After filing a small claims case, a court date will be set. The plaintiff and defendant must appear on the assigned date.

Who pays the filing fee in small claims court?

In small claims court, the plaintiff typically pays the filing fee, which can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the amount of the claim.

How to cancel a small claim filing?

To cancel a small claims filing, file a request for dismissal with the court, and provide copies to all involved parties.

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