File Small Claims Court in Arkansas

In Small Claims Court of Arkansas, you can sue to recover for damages to personal property, money owed, or for delivery of personal property which is worth $5,000 or less. 

In the State of Arkansas Small Claims, Courtlinked offers complete filing and serving services. We will handle your entire small claims from start to finish!
To FILE your case and SERVE the Defendant, the price for this state is $74.95.

Small Claims Courts in Arkansas 

Each district court in Arkansas has a division known as Small Claims Courts. These courts are designed to settle certain disputes lesser than $5,000 for individuals without attorneys. These Arkansas small claims courts give full advantage to each party to settle their minor legal disputes. We offer our services in Arkansas to serve in your legal matters regarding small claims. 

What kind of cases can be taken to Small Claims Court Arkansas?

Small Claims court claims a wide variety of disputes. These include:
  • Recovery for damages
  • Money owed up to $5,000
  • Security deposits
  • Warranties
  • Contracts
We are here to help both individual and company to file claim on your behalf. We have law experts who acknowledge well legal matters and can solve your issues. 

Who may file a claim in Arkansas Small Claims Courts?

Any one who is 18 years old or above can go to small claims court Arkansas. We are here in Arkansas to help you in submitting your case in small claims court. Our services of smart claims in Arkansas are for both individual and companies. We are literate enough in legal matters to serve your claim in proper legal way.

Small claims court fee in Arkansas

Costs of presenting a claim with a small claims division of the district court varies from county to county. The minimum filing fees are $50. There is a court technology fee of $15.
Small claim courts Arkansas procedure
To complete the complaint, particular information is required:
  • The name and address of the plaintiff and the defendant(s).
  • The amount of money being claimed or a description of the property to be recovered.
  • A brief, but complete description of why the plaintiff believes the defendant owes him the amount of money or property claimed.

Our services of small claims in Arkansas

Small Claims is simple and less time taking procedure yet we try to make it more comfortable by the help of our legal experts. We have teams of lawyers who are trained, experienced and professional and can deal your matter of small claims in Arkansas skillfully give you peace of mind.