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What is mediation?

Mediation is a party-driven conflict resolution process aimed at reaching a mutually agreeable solution to a dispute. Small claims mediation is especially useful when you have dispute with whom you want to keep good ongoing relations.

Why mediating in small claim is better?

Small claims mediation is a low-cost or free process. It is a good method of resolving disputes in a more mature way. For plaintiffs and defendants, mediating in small claims has the advantage of saving time and money and the ability to come to a mutually agreed upon result.

How does mediation work?

Once a small claim has been filed in court and served to the other party, the court may mandate or strongly recommend mediation, or one of the parties may request mediation. Court-ordered mediation is free of charge.

Cost of Mediating in small claims

To file a suit in small claims court, you have to pay a filing fee. The amount varies from about $15 to $200 depending on the State as well as the amount being claimed.

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We value you, your relations, time and money. We provide best of mediating services in small claims court. A dispute in small claims court is still a court case, to get out of your worldly worries we recommend you to call us to sort out and fix your problems by mediating in small claims. Believing on us will save your money, time and relation as well.

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