Appealing a small claim judgment

How you can claim against a judgment in small claim court?

Appealing a small claim is a new trial. Appealing a small claim judgment is limited for both plaintiffs and defendants. There are little chances to claim against a judgment for the party who was sued, while the party who filed case, may not go against the judgment. You can claim within 30 days of the date of the original Small claims order. Our company is there to help such people who are not satisfied with law judgment. We, on the behalf of the party, can appeal against judgment in small claim court.

Hiring an attorney for the appeal

To appeal against a small claim judgment, you need an attorney. We have experienced and educated lawyers and attorneys to help you in your appeal in small claim court against a judgment.

Appealing a small claim judgment cost

There is $200 to initiate a Supreme Court proceeding and $200 as security for costs if you lose or discontinue the appeal.

Basic notices to serve

You must serve the following:
  • The notice of appeal
  • The Small Claims Appeal standard Directions

Our Services

We are the most trusted and reliable in the town for our experienced and educated team who can handle situation wisely and sagely. We provide best legal services for small claim court and make you free from court troubles and inconveniences.