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Being Sued in Small claims

If someone is suing you for $25,000 or less, they can file a small claim against you in small claim court. They can file their within 2 years in small claim court. If you are being sued, you have several options:
  • You can settle your case before the trial.
  • You can prove you were sued in the wrong court.
  • You can go to your trial and try to win.
  • You can sue the person suing you.
  • You can agree with the plaintiff’s claim and pay the money.
  • You can not do anything.

Receiving a claim

If you're being sued in Small Claims Court, you will receive a Statement of Claim from the plaintiff. It will tell you what they're suing for, and why. The documents you receive should include:
  • Summons
  • The complaint, including any attachments
  • Answer form
  • Information and Instruction for the Defendant
  • Disclosure of Exempt Income form

Making a counterclaim

You can make a counterclaim if you think:
  • The plaintiff should have to pay you for something they did
  • You think someone else is responsible for the plaintiff's loss

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