Owensboro Small Claims Court Procedure

There is simply a Three Steps procedure for Small Claims Courts in Owensboro. Once you will file your small claims in Owensboro this small claims process starts.

Complete The Question And Wait For Notice

Upon receiving your small claim information, the Court will send a Notice of Receipt of Documents to the email address you provided. This notice contains your online ID number and confirms that the Owensboro Small Claims Court has received your document(s). (This notice does not mean that your claim has been processed or accepted by the Court)

Owensboro, Kentucky File Small Claims Court

Wait For The Owensboro Court To Either Request Payment or Reject Your Filing

Upon receiving your document(s) electronically, the Court must review your claim to verify that all filing criteria have been met. If your filing is determined to be valid, the Small Claims Court will email you a Notice of Payment Due that describes the fees associated with the filing and the total amount that you are required to pay. The Court will not accept any claim until payment has been made. If payment is not made by the given due date, the filing will be rejected.

If your claim is rejected, the Court will email you a Notice of Rejection of Filing stating the reasons why your claim was rejected. You will have (5) calendar days from the date of the Notice of Rejection of Filing to correct and resubmit your claim. If you fail to complete and resubmit your claim to the Court within those (5) calendar days, your claim and any associated information will be deleted from this website and you will need to start over.

Pay Any Fees That Are Due By Credit Card

Log in to this website and look for your filing under the 'View Payment Due' menu option. Once you have located and selected your filing, follow the instructions for entering your credit card information and submit your payment.

Once the Court has received your payment, a Notice of Acceptance of Filing and a copy of the processed documents will be sent to you by email for your records. Once you receive this email, your filing has been accepted and the initial filing of your small claims case is complete.