Small Claims Court Manassas, Virginia

File your small claims online in the Manassas Court of Virginia. Small Claim Filing Company process your small claims using the fastest online procedure.

Why do you waste your time energy after a small claim? We are here to take pain for you. We are literate enough about the Manassas Small Claims Court System. We will get your claim filled in Manassas small claims court and make you free from worries. We File Manassas Small Claim in the relevant court. We provide proof after the task is completed. Our policy provides individuals and companies peace of mind.

Manassas, Virginia Small Claims

Suing Someone or Being Sued?

We, in Manassas Small Claim offer in case if you want to file a case against somebody, we can help by:

  • Serving your papers before the Deadline
  • Serve your claim in a proper way
  • Fill your proof with the court

In case you are sued, we talk to the relevant person or company to settle things down. We appeal your small claim judgment as well.

E-Filing Services

Small Claim Manassas, VA E-File your documents to Virginia Small Claims Courts that accept E-Filling on your behalf.

Bad Cheque or Payment

Manassas Small Claim settles all money matters reliably and authentically if you are deceived in money matters.

Security Deposit

In Virginia Small Claim, if your former landlord refuses to return the security deposited you paid, we offer our services.

Refusing To Pay After The Car Accident

If someone ruins your car and refuses to pay for its repair, we provide Small Claim offers in Virginia.

Direct Small Claim Manassas Service - Virginia

We provide full service of handling of writs both state and federal.

Court Filling Small Claim Manassas Services

Throughout Manassas, Virginia in the small claim, we offer services to accommodate on the same day, next day or routine service.

Who can sue in Small Claim Court of Virginia?

Those who can claim for Small Claim Manassas are listed below:

  • Married couples
  • Business partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Government agencies
  • Motor Vehicle Claims
  • Minors
  • Prisoners
  • Bill collectors

How Much Does It Cost To Manassas Small Claim Court?

There is a $30filling fee for a case asking for up to $1500. To claim over $1500, and up to $5,000, there is a filing fee of $50.  If your claim is above $5,000, the filing fee is $75. If you file more than 12 cases in a year, subsequent cases will cost $100.